Crushing Metal Riffs

with Joss Allen



Learn all of the techniques you need to be able to write and play crushingly heavy metal riffs! Joss covers everything from downpicking and galloping all the way through to improving your timing and getting a great metal guitar tone.

What's included

  • 19 lessons delivered in ultra-detailed 4K
  • 3 hours of meticulously crafted guitar tuition
  • Learn the essential techniques to play brutal metal rhythm guitar parts
  • Embellish your playing with pinched harmonics, vibrato and sliding
  • Insight into choosing the best strings, pickups and tunings to get a great metal tone
  • Performances and breakdowns of two original songs with downloadable notation and backing track
✓ Intermediate
✓ Advanced
19 Video
3 Hours
of Content
Original Track Breakdown with Tab
Backing Tracks

Develop Your Technique

Explore alternate picking, pinched harmonics, vibrato and sliding to work on your metal rhythm playing

How to Play Faster

Understand the mechanics behind playing fast, how to hold your pick and work on speed while avoiding injury

Write Crushing Riffs

Take your playing to a new level of heaviness by combining all of the techniques on this course

Practice On Your Terms

Play when your inspiration strikes! Practice any time, anywhere, via our website or mobile app

"Want to play absolutely sick metal riffs? This course is for you!"


Joss Allen



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What do I get with this course?

  • 19 video lessons available to stream in SD, HD, UHD formats
  • Full transcription and backing track of an original song
  • Track your progress and dive back in where you left off
  • Available on desktop and mobile and through iOS and Android apps
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Joss Allen

Joss's playing embodies everything great about heavy metal guitar: tight rhythm, fantastic technique, and insane shred! You can't listen to him for more than ten seconds without scrunching your face up in disgust! He's made YouTube videos with some of the biggest brands and retailers in Europe and writes original music for his band, Mutilius.

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