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Feeling stuck on the guitar?

You're not alone! 


Many beginners struggle with hand coordination, physical discomfort, keeping rhythm, and getting a grasp of music theory. Progress feels slow, sucking the joy out of learning guitar. These hurdles can even make you want to quit.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Musicisum offers a comprehensive system of courses that specifically address these challenges. You'll find structured lessons for all levels, led by world-class teachers who've been in your shoes. Tested and refined through teaching over 70,000 students since 2013, our approach delivers results.

Rediscover why you wanted to learn guitar. It's your time to truly master the guitar with Musicisum!


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We are obsessed with seeing you make real progress.

That's why we have a 99.7% student satisfaction rating.

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Aaron Jackson


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James Berrick


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Greg Barrett 


In case you're wondering...

Musicisum: A World-Class Learning Platform

✅ High-Quality Video Lessons: Courses are shot on high-end cinema cameras and delivered in 4K resolution for an immersive learning experience.

 Wide Variety of Styles: You can learn a broad range of guitar styles like rock, metal, funk, pop, blues, neo-soul, reggae, and more..

 All Skill Levels: Lessons designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. If you want to get better at guitar, we have a course for you!

 World-Class Artists: Learn from some of the best guitarists and educators in the industry who share their knowledge and experience.

✅ Downloadable Lesson Materials: Get access to printable lesson notes, tabs, and other supporting materials.

 On-Demand Access: Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to all courses and lessons.

 Active Learning Community: Become part of an interactive community where you can share your experiences and learn from fellow students. 

 Learn on the Go: Access courses on various devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

 Clear Course Objectives: Each course comes with clear objectives so you can pick your path.

 Structured Lesson Plans: Lessons are carefully designed to give you a smooth, progressive learning experience.

 Progress Tracking: Keep track of your progress and achievements with an easy-to-use dashboard.

 Bonus Content: We keep adding new videos such as Q&As, Performances, Licks and Riffs to keep you on your toes!

 Customer Support: Get assistance whenever you have queries or encounter technical issues.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed: Benefit from a full refund policy if you don't absolutely love learning with us.

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