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Are you tired of playing generic riffs? Imagine the rush of nailing those complex prog songs you love and writing your OWN epic riffs that leave listeners with their jaws on the floor.  Rabea Massaad, prog-rock guitar legend, will show you how.

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From YouTube guitar sensation to headlining festivals, Rabea Massaad's intricate riffs and explosive solos have made him a modern guitar legend. Now, he's sharing the secrets behind his jaw-dropping riffs and genre-bending approach to songwriting to help YOU reach your full prog-rock potential.

Rabea's course unlocked a whole new level of riff writing for me

Jake, Austin, TX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm actually writing riffs with intention. Feels amazing!

Ben, London, UK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My bandmates are like, 'Where did THIS come from?' Best course ever

Alex, Sydney, Australia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Transform Your Riffs & Elevate Your Prog-Rock Writing.

  • Master Odd Time Signatures: Conquer 5/8, 7/8, and those mind-bending prog rhythms to write riffs that turn heads.
  • Tap into Rabea's Signature Techniques: Learn how he builds those intricate, awe-inspiring sections that define his sound.
  • Develop Your Prog-Rock Ideas: Break free from writer's block and learn to generate complex riff ideas effortlessly.
  • Build Your Signature Sound: Harness Rabea's favorite effects and gear insights to develop a tone that's unmistakably YOU.
  • Write Complete Prog-Rock Anthems: Learn Rabea's breakdown of his song "Hotel Cali-Fortin" - understand structure, dynamics, and how to build those unforgettable prog moments.

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Conquer 7/8 Grooves for Hypnotic Prog Riffs


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Your Path To Prog-Rock Riff Mastery:

Inside the Course


Get ready to unlock the secrets behind Rabea Massaad's iconic sound and transform your own songwriting. Explore each module below to discover the skills, techniques, and creative breakthroughs that await you in this exclusive masterclass.

Module 1: Rabea's Prog-Rock Foundations

  • Introduction: Get to know Rabea, his approach to the progressive rock genre, and what to expect from the course.
  • Unlock Rabea's Signature Sound: Explore the secrets behind his tone, influences, and essential techniques.
  • Rabea's Riffs - Unpacking His Creative Process: Learn his approach to writing, chord progressions, alternate tunings, and breaking free from predictable patterns.

Module 2: Techniques and Tools for Jaw-Dropping Riffs

  • Transform Chords into Killer Riffs: Master the art of filling the space between chords with attention-grabbing, complex patterns.
  • Unleash Your Sound with Effects: Discover how Rabea uses pedals like reverb, delay, and fuzz to inspire creativity and craft his signature tones.
  • Alternate Tunings - Your Key to Unique Prog-Rock Riffs: Discover how changing your tuning unlocks a whole new world of sonic landscapes and complex riff possibilities.

  • Expand Your Riff-Writing Toolkit: Master Rabea's go-to techniques for mind-blowing dynamics and articulation.

Module 3: Master Prog-Rock Rhythms

  • Conquer Complex Rhythms: Understand Rabea's system for writing and deciphering intricate rhythmic patterns with confidence.
  • Turn 4/4 Inside Out: Write riffs that defy expectations and sound like they're in odd time signatures, even within a rhythm.
  • Mastering 6/8: Embrace compound time and create riffs that flow and rock with effortless groove.
  • The Hypnotic Pulse of 5/8: Understand and harness the captivating rhythms of 5/8 for truly unique prog-rock riffs.
  • 7/8 Domination: Make this complex time signature feel natural and intuitive for mind-bending riffs that keep the listener wanting more.

Module 4: Creative Riff Writing and Themes

  • Find Your Riff Inspiration: Explore Rabea's thematic approach to writing and add focus to your creative sessions.
  • Build Atmospheres with Ambient Riffs: Create haunting, ethereal textures for tension, depth, and sonic storytelling.
  • Channel the Darkness: Tap into the power of sinister riffs for a heavier, more dramatic prog-rock edge.
  • Unleash Riff Fury: Master the art of writing chaotic, frenetic riffs that are bursting with energy.
  • Write Epic Prog-Rock Anthems: Create those soaring, jaw-dropping prog songs that leave listeners needing to catch their breath.
  • Dial-In Bone-Crushing Tones: Learn Rabea's secrets for crafting truly heavy, earth-shaking prog-rock tones.

Module 5: Putting It All Together

  • Inside "Hotel Cali-Fortin": Deconstruct a complete original Rabea Massaad song for the ultimate riff breakdown and play-along experience.
  • Your Prog-Rock Journey Continues: Final words of wisdom and encouragement from Rabea. You are all set to go and become a force in the world of prog-rock guitar!

Become a Prog-Rock Riff Monster

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  • Master Complex Prog-Rock Rhythms
  • Tap into Rabea's Signature Sound
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About Rabea

A skateboarding injury started a journey that turned Rabea into a rising star of progressive rock.

His YouTube channel with millions of views showcases his vast technical mastery, but it's in bands like Toska and The Totemist where his intricate riffs and boundary-pushing musicality truly shine.

His unique style even caught the attention of rap superstar Stormzy, leading to a headlining performance at Reading and Leeds Festival.

He's currently exploring fresh prog-rock territory in Vower, a new band with Black Peaks' Liam Kearley and Joe Gosney and Palm Reader's Josh McKeown.

If you crave innovative guitar work, genre-bending compositions, and the spirit of modern prog, Rabea is your guy.

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