Beyond the Pentatonics

with Phil Dyer


Supercharge the pentatonic shapes to develop your improvisation skills and easily navigate the entire fretboard.


Learn how to use the 5 pentatonic shapes to effortlessly navigate the entire fretboard and start developing your own sound with ease.

Improve your improvisation, add variety and creativity to your playing, and develop a fundamental grasp of music theory.

Deconstruct complex ideas and confidently apply them to your playing, developing your ear and ability to recognize the melodic structure of music.


What will you learn?


  • Master the fretboard with an intuitive approach based on the pentatonic scales
  • Navigate the fretboard with ease and develop your unique sound
  • Develop your improvisation skills and bring variety to your playing
  • Gain a solid music theory foundation to unlock complex ideas
  • Analyze complicated musical ideas and apply them confidently while training your ear
  • Create repeating patterns and anchor points within pentatonic box shapes
  • Unleash your creativity and improvise complex, expressive melodies with freedom
  • Build intricate patterns using arpeggios for sweeping runs and smooth legato lines
  • Learn to write memorable solos easily with advanced shape-based playing
  • Create original licks with just 5 pentatonic shapes and access them with ease
  • Practice along with a challenging track written by Phil specifically for this course


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Complete Freedom

Play complex and expressive melodies using this unique system

Master The

Entire Fretboard

Use 5 shapes to span the entire neck and link them all together

Create your Own


Master these concepts to develop your own distinct playing style

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“I'm going to show you how to use the pentatonic shapes to play creatively and expressively”


Phil Dyer

Steve Baylor

I've been learning from Phil through his Musicisum course for a few months now, and I can honestly say that he's the best guitar teacher I've ever had! He really takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. Thanks to his course, I've finally been able to get comfortable with the modes and understand how to build much more interesting chords - something I never thought I'd be able to do. Thanks guys!


Brian Anderson

"Just wanted to tell you I am loving the Modes and Harmony Fundamentals course you made with Phil Dyer. Music theory has always been something that I have avoided because it never made sense to me and I just want to play. This course changed that and now I actually understand why I am playing certain chords and scales and it's helping me learn new songs by understanding more theory. Thank you from a (no longer!) frustrated guitarist!!"

Matthew Cheng

"Phil is a fantastic teacher who really knows his stuff. He's helped me to understand music theory in a way that I never thought possible, and I've seen a real improvement in my playing as a result. His Modes and Harmony Fundamentals course is top-notch, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their guitar skills."


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  • 10 video lessons available to stream in SD, HD, UHD formats
  • Track your progress and dive back in where you left off
  • Accompanying transcription available to download
  • Available on desktop and mobile and through iOS and Android apps
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Phil Dyer

Phil is a session guitarist from the North West of England. With years of playing gigs 5+ nights per week behind him, you'll either find Phil sharing the stage with some of the UK's most talented hip-hop artists or playing some exceptionally heavy riffs in his metal outfit, Oceanis. Wherever you find him, we're certain you'll see him drinking more coffee than anybody you've ever met.

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This is the first website I've seen that can truly inspire and teach any beginner musician.

The courses here have completely transformed my playing - thank you!

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Musicisum is the best way to learn guitar! It has inspired me to pick up my electric again for the first time in years and get back to practicing properly.