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We’ve all been there…


You've written your next masterpiece.

You hit record, nail the take, and press play, but...

Your guitar just doesn't sound right.

Where's the power, the clarity, and the punch you felt when you were stood in front of your amp?

It sucks the fun out of recording, doesn't it? 

It doesn't have to be like this.


Recording Incredible Guitar Tones

with Mark Roberts


Everything you need to sound your best.


Mark Roberts, a highly sought-after producer and engineer, will guide you through the complete process, from understanding the signal chain to mastering professional techniques without the need for expensive gear. You'll discover a repeatable process to achieving clarity, power, and dynamics in your recordings. Say goodbye to feeling confused and guessing how to record an incredible tone.

This isn't just about recording your guitar. It’s about defining your signature sound and making your mark as a musician. The course perfectly combines detailed instruction, hands-on exercises, and insightful decision-making strategies to give you a solid foundation in guitar recording.

Take the leap, challenge your assumptions about what it takes to get a great sound, and immerse yourself in a journey to revolutionize your guitar recordings. Next time you hit record, get ready to make every note count.



Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is a seasoned freelance producer and engineer based in Brighton, UK. With a passion that spans over 20 years, music is not just a career - it’s his life.

Whether it's recording, playing, or mixing, Mark thrives on creativity and innovation, embracing both unorthodox approaches and traditional techniques. Working both on location and from his home studio, he brings a unique blend of expertise to every project.

Still an active musician, Mark's experience from 'both sides of the glass' allows him to appreciate and enhance the artistic vision of everyone he works with. His love for all forms of music and his dedication to excellence have made him a respected figure in the industry.

His friendly approach, coupled with his vast experience, makes Mark the go-to producer and engineer for artists looking to capture their sound in a way they are proud to show to the world.

Jamie Lenman


Mark Roberts is my favourite man to record guitars. When anyone else records my guitars I say: That's not as good as Mark Roberts would do it. He never misses a single string!

Rabea Massaad

Vower / FrogLeap / The Totemist

I always enjoy working with Mark because he’s super versatile as an engineer. When it comes to guitar tones he’s always been able to capture whatever I’ve been going for, whether it’s super heavy or ambient sparkly cleans. The Toska record was a great example of all the different vibes and sounds he was able to capture. Plus he’s a legend, so that helps!

Joe Gosney

Black Peaks

On every occasion I’ve worked with Mark, it’s been a real joy. He has been incredible in not only helping to bring those ideas to life but by offering alternative perspectives and knowledge that has helped make those parts shine.

Course Structure

Your Path to Capturing Incredible Guitar Tones

We are obsessed with seeing you make real progress.

That's why we have a 99.7% student satisfaction rating.

Seriously impressed with what I've seen so far! I know of Mark through the album he did with Toska, so when I saw he dropped a course, I had to check it out!

Adam E.


If you don't jump on this course you are missing out! Mark is an absolute goldmine of knowledge when it comes to getting sick guitar recordings.

Jake M.


I feel like I finally actually understand how a professional guitar recording is created! My demos are sounding so much better already. Love it, recommend.

Callum T.

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Start Today and Transform Your Guitar Recordings!

Imagine effortlessly capturing the guitar sound you've always dreamed of, turning your ideas into a mind-blowing recording that resonates with anyone that hears it.

How satisfying would it be to master recording techniques that allow you to create incredible tones (without the need to buy any more gear)?

Recording Incredible Guitar Tones is not just about learning the techniques and methods of the pros; it's about unlocking a world where your musical vision comes to life exactly how you hear it in your mind.

With a seasoned pro showing you the way and a clear, hands-on approach, you can become the master of your own sound. Never again will you sit down to record, guessing what to do and feeling confused.

This course empowers you to take control, ignite your creativity, and make your guitar recordings not just good, but incredible.

It's time to shape your sound and let your guitar sound as good on recording as it does in the room when you play. Embrace the art of recording and sound like the guitarist you were destined to be!



Recording Incredible

Guitar Tones

with Mark Roberts


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