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We will teach you to:

  • Play over 50 famous riffs
  • Jam along with friends
  • Nail difficult solos
  • Instantly find every note on the fretboard
  • Maintain your gear
  • Pull out any chord at the right moment
  • Play the 'master scale' of rock, blues, and pop
  • Effortlessly play difficult rhythm parts
  • Master advanced lead guitar technique
  • Recognise any note by ear
  • Write mesmerising melodies with the modes
  • Learn the tab system and learn any song you want
  • Show off your skills with 15 modern guitar licks

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100 Video
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What our students are saying

James Q.

This course is LEGIT. Wish I'd got it a few years ago but ah well, I'm just stoked that I can finally play the stuff I've always wanted to. Thanks Sophie and Musicisum

Brian J.

I'm honestly surprised that an online guitar course can be this good. Learning Metallica, Mastodon, Audioslave and loads of other riffs really fired me up because that's all I really wanted to do, play some great tunes.

Adam E.

I got this course last year and I've been dipping into it most times I play. Played my first gig last weekend and I felt great. Definitely the chord lessons helped me the most, and the reading chord diagrams. Learning riffs along the way is a nice touch, well done

About Your Teacher


Sophie Burrell is a rapidly rising star in the guitar world. From the age of 5, she has been unwavering in her passion and excitement for music. Her experience of teaching thousands of students how to play guitar has given her the knowledge and confidence to put together this incredible resource. Coupled with her wealth of experiences performing on stages, in TV studios and in front of a camera for her enthusiastic online audience, Sophie is the epitome of the kind of artist we strive to create our courses with. 

As a predominantly self-taught guitarist, Sophie understands how difficult it can be to teach yourself when you are wading through the sea of seemingly infinite information online. The lack of structure in self-directed guitar education stops many people far too early in their journey, down to sheer overwhelm and frustration. How do you know what works? What order do you learn these skills in? What happens when I get stuck?  

That’s why we made this course. One place to keep coming back to, one teacher, one philosophy of empowering you with fundamental knowledge of the guitar to go forward as a confident and well-informed musician.

“This is the course I wish I had when I started playing guitar” Sophie Burrell

About The Course


We have carefully designed the flow of lessons to build you up from being an absolute beginner to having a solid level of confidence and ability.

These 100 lessons represent at least 2 years of one-to-one private tuition, with the added benefit of working at your own pace and being able to refer back to the information at any time. 

It is the perfect starting point for beginners, but also for intermediate players who want to revisit essential knowledge and skills to make sure they have the most solid foundation possible.  

Not only will you find a wide range of lessons covering absolutely everything you need to learn how to play guitar, you will also learn all of the practical ‘life skills’ around being a guitarist. How to maintain your guitar, build a practice routine and play with other musicians are all covered in this course.

You can follow this course sequentially, as it is designed, or take your own path. It’s up to you! Either way, you can keep track of your progress and we are here to help you get to the next stage of your journey as a musician.

Sophie places a heavy emphasis on making everything you learn practically useful, musically relevant and, most importantly, fun! Throughout the course, you will learn over 40 of Sophie’s favourite iconic songs and riffs covering a wide range of styles and techniques, where she will show you how the skills you are learning apply to real music. Because, after all, what is technique without context?

About The Lessons

At Musicisum we are setting the bar for high-quality music education with our cinema-grade video production. We use 5 camera angles, filming in ultra-high definition 4K, including our popular overhead angle to give you a first-person perspective of Sophie looking at the fretboard. 

You will also find clear and concise on-screen information to help you visualise what Sophie is teaching. Throughout the lessons, you will see chord diagrams, guitar tablature and animations to keep you on track. Sophie will also give you in-depth explanations on how to read chord diagrams and guitar tab, as well as learn any song by ear. This all combines to give you the skills to go out into the world as a confident guitarist!

The average lesson on this course is around 7 minutes. In every lesson, Sophie introduces what you are going to learn and shows you how it fits into the broader context of your guitar playing. The particular topic that you are learning will be shown slowly, chords are broken down into exactly where to place each finger, scales are taken note by note, and techniques are deconstructed into their core mechanics to make sure you have them under your fingers.

From her many years of teaching experience, Sophie knows where the common stumbling points are. She will help you pre-emptively troubleshoot any issues you are having to keep you progressing smoothly.

You will also find that each lesson flows seamlessly into the next, thanks to our carefully designed course structure. That means you can finish one lesson and be perfectly set up to move into the next.

Every song, chord, scale and technique in this course is taught and then given a greater musical context so that you won’t just know how to do something, but why it’s done that way and more importantly, how to build on it and progress beyond it. 

We are confident you will love learning guitar with Sophie!

Are you ready to become a player?


What do I get with this course?

  • 100 video lessons available to stream in SD, HD, UHD formats
  • Track your progress and dive back in where you left off
  • Clear and concise notation presented both on-screen and as downloads
  • Available on desktop and mobile and through iOS and Android apps
  • Any questions? Email [email protected]

About the Platform


Musicisum has taught over 70,000 people how to play guitar since we launched in 2013. We have learned many lessons along the way and have constantly evolved.

In our mission to provide you with world-class music education, we carefully designed our learning platform to support you on your journey as a musician.

You can track your progress throughout the course with visual indicators, such as the course progress bar and lessons being marked as completed when you have watched them.

Our platform automatically saves where you last got to, so that when you next sit down to practice, you can dive straight back in. This translates across any device - desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet as well as via iOS and Android apps. The Musicisum experience means you can watch a lesson on your laptop one evening, then pick it up on your phone when inspiration strikes the next day.

Our excellent Support Team are here to help you with anything you need to keep you making progress. Got a question about a lesson? Stuck on an exercise? Need some technical help? Email  at any time - we’re here.


Sophie Burrell

Sophie Burrell is a musician, teacher and social media influencer based in the UK. From the age of 5, she knew she had a strong passion for music. Since graduating from music college, Sophie has been working as a guitar teacher and session guitarist, performing live shows across the country. Sophie's popularity has exploded in recent years, receiving sponsorships and collaboration work with brands such as PRS Guitars, D’Addario, EVH, BOSS, Roland, and more. Alongside teaching, performing and creating social media content for her huge audience, Sophie is writing music for new projects. 

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After a couple of weeks of learning with Musicisum I have officially got the bug! I come home looking forward to sitting down with my guitar and laptop!

This is the first website I've seen that can truly inspire and teach any beginner musician.

The courses here have completely transformed my playing - thank you!

Thank you for a great site! I just love it. These lessons are so cool and easy to understand. I really love the relaxed way of teaching.

Musicisum is the best way to learn guitar! It has inspired me to pick up my electric again for the first time in years and get back to practicing properly.