Want to play your favorite songs on the guitar?

We'll take you from Zero to Guitar Hero by focusing on playing music (not studying theory!)


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We have helped over 70,000 guitarists since 2013

This course is LEGIT guys haha... Wish I'd got it a few years ago but ah well, I'm just stoked that I can finally play stuff I've always wanted to.

James Q.


I'm really surprised that an online guitar course can be this good. Learning Metallica, Mastodon, Audioslave and loads of other riffs totally fired me up!
Brian J.


I got this course last year, played my first gig last weekend and I felt great. The chord lessons and how reading chord diagrams stuff is so good!
Adam E.



Learn the guitar by playing famous songs


Every lesson in this course is focused on what matters to you - playing music.

Learn over 50 iconic riffs from Metallica and Iron Maiden to Guns N' Roses and Nirvana.

Check out the first lesson from the course and learn how to play the intro from Nothing Else Matters by Metallica!


Focus on what matters


This course teaches you the skills that matter, based on our experience helping over 70,000 guitarists since 2013.

You will learn how to:

  1. Hold your guitar and pick
  2. Play common chords
  3. Strum with different rhythms
  4. Develop strong fingers
  5. Play with solid timing
  6. Read tab to learn any song
  7. Tune and maintain your guitar
  8. Understand how music works
  9. Recognise notes by ear
  10. Create a personalised practice routine

Course Outline

A proven path to playing your favorite songs on the guitar

Meet Your Teacher

Sophie Burrell

An incredible guitarist and experienced teacher, Sophie's journey to being a professional musician began at the age of 5.

She's performed on stages and TV studios, and built an online following in the millions, blowing away audiences with her skills.

Most importantly, as a self-taught musician, she understands the challenges you are facing learning guitar and has taught thousands of people just like you.

How To Play Guitar with Sophie Burrell


Lifetime Access

  • Structured Lesson Path
  • 50+ Iconic Riffs 
  • Popular Chord Systems
  • Technique Deep Dives
  • Tuning & Maintenance Tips
  • Learn Music By Ear
  • Write Your Own Songs
  • 12-Month Guarantee

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